On Saturday 4th August Newton Abbot Fishing Association is holding its annual open day.

This is aimed at youngsters who would like to experience fishing but do not really know how.

You can go along to the Rackerhayes complex, behind Tesco Kingsteignton and have a free 20 minute session with a qualified angling coach to learn the basics - You don't need any equipment as everything will be provided.

After this there will be lots of club members on hand to help the new anglers practice their skills on the ponds and hopefully catch the fish of a lifetime.

To avoid waiting on the day budding anglers can book in using the Facebook Page @gofishingsouthwest or emailL2fishSW@gmail.comor phone 01392 668935

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Recent Posts

Summer Fishing

| 26th June 2018 | Blogging

Fishing for Newton Abbot Fishing Association's members has reached sky-high levels over the past few weeks following an upturn in temperature and spells of ideal weather conditions in the local area. Not only has this seen some impressive match results, but also some excellent specimen catches from some of NAFA's most prestigious waters, including Carp Angler Richard Hamlyn who bagged himself a 22lb Common Carp from Rackerhayes' Dores Pond. The annual Charity Open, Tackle Trader Two Day Open and Festival match all threw up impressive weights, including Phil Coles' haul of 9 tench and a carp for 23kg on the final day of the 3 day festival from Peg 10 on Island Pond, eventually seeing him take the win overall, with Sam Wragg finishing second following an 11kg bag of Bream and Skimmers on the second day from Bradley Pond, caught on the waggler with maggots and casters. Furthermore, following a slow start to the Tackle Trader Evening League on Wheel pond, match-man Sam Powell produced the weight of the series so far from Peg 3 with an impressive net of 21kg 150g to take him one behind Jack Palmer at the top of the standings, level on points with Max Palmer and Brendan Ions. All in all things are looking up for NAFA and it's members, with high hopes for more to come throughout the remainder of the summer months. ...

Spring - The start of things to come?

| 10th April 2018 | Blogging

Things are finally looking up for Newton Abbot Fishing Association and it's members following a much needed upturn in air temperatures in recent weeks. With February and March's weather being dominated by blizzards, storms, rain and snow, it comes as no surprise that many local anglers spent little time on the bank throughout this bleak period. However, with air pressure dropping and temperatures gradually rising, the past fortnight has produced some of the most impressive catches and match results of 2018 so far. Harry Workman's net of six carp in a 24-hour session from Island Pond followed by Ashley Smith and Josh Critchall's brace of 26lb Carp from Dores pond earlier this week have shown promising signs of NAFA's waters witnessing an upturn in productivity. Moreover, several reports of large bream hauls from Sawmills and Bradley Pond have been recorded with junior angler Freddie Holding bagging 20lb of skimmers and roach from Sawmills on the short pole. Dave Taylor's haul of sixteen skimmers and five bream from Bradley Pond on the feeder was an equally impressive catch and an encouraging one as the warm weather begins to settle in. Jay Jay Durdu's winning weight of just over 10kg of bream caught on the short feeder in the latest round of the NAFA winter league on Bradley Pond was a hugely impressive one with second-placed Mike Hadley netting just shy of 6kg also on the feeder. All in all, things are finally looking up for NAFA and it's members following a difficult couple of months. ...

Winter's Here

| 28th February 2018 | Blogging

With this week’s weather being the coldest of the winter so far, many would predict typically tough winter fishing conditions. However, results from the latest round of the annual NAFA Winter League showed how local fishing has excelled despite a much anticipated recent cold-snap. NAFA’s Wheel Pond produced the top weights on the day, with Jack Palmer emerging victorious, netting fourteen carp and two tench for a total weight of 66lb. Second was Sam Powell with 58lb - including one fish weighing 11lb alone - another hugely impressive weight given the recent cold weather conditions. Jamie Pearce and Gary Webber completed the top four weights on the day, weighing 56lb and 50lb respectively, consisting of carp mainly caught on maggots fishing in the margins. With further weights of 26lb, 17lb and 10lb caught from Wheel on the day, it is fair to say that this was a hugely impressive return for a small club water, especially given such rapidly declining air temperatures in recent weeks. Wapperwell pond was won by Mark Newman on the day with just shy of 10lb of small carp and skimmers, with Mike Mudge placing second with 6lb. With such an impressive string of weights caught from NAFA’s waters on the day, things are well and truly looking up for the club and its members as we approach the increasingly warm spring months...

Win for Ions

| 31st January 2018 | Blogging

The Christmas months are often the quietest ones on the angling front, but the same cannot be said for Newton Abbot Fishing Association and its members. Widespread reports of excellent catches and impressive match results have been recorded, with the club’s annual Christmas Open being won by Brendan Ions from peg 21 on Rackerhayes’ Wheel Pond with an impressive weight of 19kg 400g of mainly Carp caught on the long pole, the largest of an impressive string of weights from Wheel on the day. Bradley Pond was won convincingly by Gary Webber from peg 23 with 6kg 550g of large Skimmers fishing a groundbait feeder with pinkies on the hook.  Jack Palmer took the win on Wapperwell Pond with a mixed bag of Carp, Skimmers, Roach and Hybrids for a total weight of 8kg 450g, capping off some brilliant bags caught on the day despite the wet and windy conditions. Elsewhere, several pleasure angling sessions have produced eye-catching bags for NAFA’s members, with large numbers of Bream being caught in the deep water of Rackerhayes’ Island Pond, with members Neal Stone and Jay Durdu netting specimens up to the 7lb mark in recent weeks. All in all, things are looking up for Newton Abbot Fishing Association and its members as we move into 2018....