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By Tackle Trader in General Articles, Sports & Recreation on 02nd Apr 2015
2 April
Apr 2
02nd Apr 2015

Newton Abbot Fishing Association is getting involved in the Take a Friend Fishing week by offering Two Day Tickets for the price of One from the 3rd to 12th April - Members can purchase a day ticket for half price.  Tickets for this offer can only be purchased at Tackle Trader Shop in Newton Abbot. Normal Day Ticket £7 /Junior Day Ticket £2. A returnable deposit of £2 for a key to open the Complex gates may be required. Tickets not valid on Dores, Key or Bradley Ponds . Rules as per Rule Book/Website ...

By Tackle Trader in General Articles, Sports & Recreation on 25th Mar 2015
25 March
Mar 25
25th Mar 2015

Newton Abbot fishing has continued to see improvement of late, as the latest match results suggest. Unfortunately, the last week has seen cold winds which is never a good sign in any type of fishing, although it has to be said that several anglers have defied the cold weather and have caught decent bags of fish. Island pond is continuing to progress, and no more than a couple of weeks ago Sam Powell sacked-up on silvers from peg 4. He caught around 9lbs of roach fishing the long pole at 11metres before adding three large bream up to around 6lbs to his bag, fishing the pole at 16m. Wheel pond has also shown steady progress, seeing Sam Palmer land 8 carp in a short afternoon session last Sunday. He caught fishing 14m on the long pole and saw a good stamp of fish in his swim - carp up to 7l...

By Tackle Trader in General Articles, Sports & Recreation on 02nd Mar 2015
2 March
Mar 2
02nd Mar 2015

After a tough start to 2015 on the Newton Abbot fishing front, things are slowly starting to pick up. Signs of progression are beginning to show as weather conditions improve, and there have been noticeably larger weights caught over the past couple of weeks, compared to the previous month or two as the warmer air begins to move in. In particular, Wheel and Island ponds have shown good signs of improvement. Half term saw several good bags of carp being caught on Wheel pond,  including Reg Wharton catching 9 carp on peg 17 on Tuesday, Jack Palmer catching 9 carp on peg 16 on Thursday up to 7lbs and Mike Lock bagging several carp up to 11lbs on the same peg the following day. Wednesday 26th Feb saw Max Palmer haul 9lbs of roach in three hours on peg 4 on Island pond fishing th...